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Characters:                                                                                                                     Kili: younger brother of Fili and nephew of Thorin Oakenshield                                                                               Fili: older brother of Kili and nephew of Thorin Oakenshield                                                                            Thorin Oakenshield: Uncle of Kili and Fili (Minor part for now)
Bofur: small part and just a good friend
Kili woke with his head pounding. He groaned and looked over to see his older brother lying next to him on his right. The last thing he remembered was where they had been in the Goblin King's caves and Orcs had come to the aid of the Goblin King so they were outnumbered greatly. His uncle, Thorin had fought bravely but all of the dwarves got separated, his uncle had shouted toward Fili and Kili to look after each other then something or someone hit Kili over the head and he remembered no more.   They were in a wagon he could tell by looking around and apparently his hands were bound and with a glance at Fili so were his. "Fili. Are you alright?" Kili asked as he nudged his brother with his boot.
Fili opened his eyes slowly as Kili nudged him and looked around. "w...what happened? Where are we?"  with a look at his little brother he could see the same confusion mirrored in his eyes and a little bit of fear there too. Kili replied in a low voice "I…I don't know" he watched his little brother's eyes scan the place they were in.  Fili sighed as long as his brother was alright he was alright. The wagon stopped after a few moments and both Fili and Kili raised their heads as a few men came into view grabbing Kili first causing Fili to shout and struggle to get to Kili. One of the men grabbed Fili out as well causing Fili to go silent.  The bright light burned Fill's eyes a little, he blinked to get used to the light and with a quick glance at his brother he saw Kili do the same.
Kili struggled as he was brought out and then his brother. He blinked to get used to the sun and peered around at his surroundings to find the men with whips in their hands and the wagon had one big cage in it leading Kili to believe they were slave traders and Kili and Fili were their next victims. He shot his older brother a fearful glance which was returned. "what are you guys going to do?" asked Kili with a glance around. The man tightened his grip on Kili's arm causing him to wince. "none of your business dwarf." sneered the man who was holding Fili. Kili glared and struggled as the man holding him punched him in the gut. Kili gasped and stopped struggling feeling pain blossom in his gut. He heard the shocked surprise from his brother and gave a weak smile as he doubled over in pain.
Thorin turned to glare at the Goblin King. "what have you done with my nephews!? Answer me!" Thorin basically shouted at the Goblin King. He needed to know they were alright. "who? Oh them? They are fine." The Goblin King said and seeing Thorin sigh a small sigh of relief. "for now..." The Goblin King added cackling when he saw the worry re-appear on Thorin's features. "where are they!?" came the same question asked from this time not Thorin but Bofur who was glaring at the Goblin King his hat lay on the ground next to him and Bofur's normally cheerful face was replaced with a cold glare. Bofur had become great friends with the two and was worried for them such as a good friend would be.
it's my first fanfiction so don't get mad at me please.
i know i'm not great but i did my best so give me some reviews here?
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